Language Immersion

Below is an excerpt from a very interesting blog posted by the principal of the Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School.  Mr. Carpenter was chosen to travel to Berlin with a number of other school administrators.  His observations about the similarities and differences between the two school systems is eye-opening.

My week in Germany centered on an immersion in the German educational system.  I visited both public and private secondary schools, a university, and a technical academy run by a global corporation.  Americans and Germans may speak a different language, but we both want the best for our children and want them prepared to succeed in the world today.  An ocean and 3600 miles may separate us, but our educational systems face similar challenges and are pushing forward similar educational reforms in hopes of elevating student performance.  There are also some clear differences between our educational systems.  The US model offers more opportunities for students with learning differences and for those who are “late bloomers,” while the German system excels at having business directly involved in preparing the workforce of the future.


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