About Rapport International – a Translation Agency


Rapport International is one of the most trusted professional translation and interpretation companies in the industry. The company makes and keeps long-term relationships with clients so that the client can depend on the consistency of the translations over time.  In addition, we work with clients that are just starting to translate materials, to organizations who have well developed multi-lingual needs. Either way, we make sure you get only the services you need.

Our Values

Rapport International operates under a set of values on how to treat clients, employees, contractors and suppliers. These values are as follows:

  • Goal oriented – We are here to get the job done right the first time.  We keep our focus on the goal and keep moving towards it.
  • Respectful – At all times, we treat everyone with respect.
  • Flexible – While we work towards our goal, we recognize that, at times, we need to adjust to be most effective.
  • Compassionate – We care about our work and about people, we show you that in our dedication to quality and service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Data Security and Quality

Rapport International is committed to security and accuracy of personally identifiable data and proprietary information that is available from or collected from our clients, and has taken reasonable precautions to protect such information from loss, misuse or alteration. Any third parties responsible for this information are committed to the same principles, and also are required by contract to follow the same policies and guidelines as Rapport International in protecting this information.


We belong to a number of organizations and associations.

  • American Translators Association
  • Association of Language Companies
  • Northeast Regional Print Management

Small business translation services

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