Community Interpreting Services

Rapport International understands the complex and sensitive nature of translation and interpretation for community organizations. We can work with you to provide high quality community interpretation at the most competitive price.

We are a certified woman-owned, small business company who can fulfill your small business vendor requirements.

Our community services include:

  • School Meetings
  • Community Meetings
  • Company Meetings
  • Informational Meetings
  • Medical Appointments
  • Insurance Intakes
  • Depositions

We Meet Your Community Interpretation Needs

Interpretation for community services can be a delicate situation that requires the right interpreter every time. Sometimes the interpreter needs to handle stressful events and conversations and is often working with a culturally diverse group. We provide interpreters who are trained for these situations. They know how to make all parties feel comfortable interacting with each other.

You need someone to interpret who can facilitate conversation, not drive it. Our interpreters:

  • Understand the need to foster communication without becoming involved in the conversation.
  • Remain removed from the emotion of the situation while facilitating the communication process.
  • Know how to remain neutral in all situations.
  • Never over-step their position or become aligned with one side or the other.

Rapport International interpreters make sure all the information is interpreted so everyone is informed all of the time.

New American Translation

With the addition of new immigrants, the face and voice of your community is changing. There is a whole segment of the population that does not speak English. Local communities need to reach this audience and set up a system to communicate with a non-English speaking population. Rapport International can provide you with the tools you need to reach the New American.

Many large companies understand this potential market by reaching out to immigrants.  These companies have seen revenues increase as they utilize multilingual marketing tools.  By communicating with the non-English speakers in your community, you are not only providing a necessary service, you are also building goodwill and a strong following.  You can trust us to make you look good.

For more information on our community interpretation services please contact us.



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