How We Work


Translation Project Assessment

When you have a project that you would like us to translate, email us a copy of the materials. We prefer an electronic Microsoft Word document but whatever format you have is fine. We can work with .ODT and other editing program formats, a fax, hard copy, disc, PDF or email copy.

Also, let us know the language(s) and the format in which you want the project delivered.   It helps us to know the target audience for your translation so we can assign the right translator. For example, Haitian French is quite different than Canadian French so the audience or location where you will use the translation does matter. Even within the United States, there are specific translators who specialize in translating for non-English speakers.

For the format, sometimes you may want just the word copy. Other times, you may want us to do the foreign language layout or prepare the in-language materials for print. Tell us your preferences at the start of the project so we can deliver it how you want it.

As soon as we know the length of the translation, subject matter, additional services, and turnaround time, you receive a price quote and time line. We meet price quotes and deadlines because we anticipate your project needs and work within your process and systems.

Clients tell us that working with us is a pleasurable and easy experience.

Project Management

Once you give us the green light to start, we assign the project to a linguist by sending the properly formatted materials including a job authorization and due date. We always assign a linguist who specializes in the language pair and subject matter.

When questions arise, we never guess at answers. We always ask you. Questions can come up regarding the cultural interpretation of the original copy or regarding culturally relevant references.  Our professionals capture your meaning without taking creative liberties.  You can rest assured that your translation is done by a highly trained and qualified linguist.  We guarantee all translations.

When we receive the project back from the translator, our project manager reviews all pages for:

  • Appropriate length
  • Correct graphs and pictures
  • Right language
  • Complete as requested

When appropriate, we send the project to an equally qualified linguist for editing.  Once the editor reviews the project and inserts edits or clarifications, we forward the notes back to the original translator who accepts any agreed upon edits. If there are any edits that the original translator does not agree with, the translator and the editor work together to provide a proper translation. If there is a question on the understanding of the original text, we will contact you for clarification. Sometimes authors will use text that has a double meaning in the original copy that can’t be captured in translation.  For example a community center used the slogan, “It’s all about getting better”.  This could mean the patient is getting better or the doctor is offering better services.  In situations like this, it is up to you to decide which meaning is more important.  Once all editing issues are resolved, the project is completed and delivered to you.

When you receive the project, we guarantee that it is top quality. But if you want to have internal staff or in-country personnel review the translations, encourage them to act like an editor. Track any changes and return the document to us for review by the original translator. There is no extra charge for us to review your internal edits. Our translator will accept any changes that look reasonable and will talk to you about any we might question.  Your complete satisfaction is important to us.


Rapport International understands that privacy is important. Information on all translation and interpreting project is held strictly confidential. We never disclose the contents of any projects. We will sign our standard non-disclosure agreement or yours as requested.