Language Translation Services – Industries and Expertise

  • Marketing – When words count – we deliver! We know the importance of consistent messaging that speaks to prospective customers and builds loyalty with current customers, in all languages. With Rapport International as your international marketing partner, as opposed to a run-of-the-mill language services vendor, you get an experienced partner that knows the power of words and has the expertise to make sure your products or services resonate with your target audience.
  • Consumer Products – It takes a special linguist to understand the complexities of creating and marketing consumer products. Our linguists who provide this type of translation pay attention to the differences between products, the importance of messaging, and clear communication. In addition, they make sure the materials are culturally appropriate. Your success in consumer marketing depends on your ability to “talk” to the consumer and we facilitate this process.  Learn more about our consumer product translation services.
  • Medical & Healthcare – Our linguists understand the U.S. Healthcare system, pharmaceutical research, clinical needs and medical terminology, or we wouldn’t appoint them for a project. In addition, they know the difference between private health insurance and Medicare and understand words such as co-pay, deductible, self-insured as they are used in the U.S. For technical medical terminology and specialties, we match a fully bi-lingual person with a background in that area. We make sure to capture the meaning that you need to convey to your audience.  Learn more about our medical translation services.
  • Legal – Our linguists understand the U.S. Legal system and the legal systems in their native countries. They understand the nuances and differences in culture and how the translation can capture or confuse the meaning. We work for investigators, courthouses, government agencies and law firms across a variety of subjects such as patent law, international business, contracts and litigation. Untrained translators do not know legal vocabulary and their lack of knowledge can create serious problems. We make sure your documents say what you mean.  Learn more about our legal translation services.
  • Technical – Not only are our linguists fully bi-lingual but they are also technically trained and understand the complexities of technical translations. We specialize in technology translation – even working directly in our clients’ development software to keep consistency and accuracy. Or, we provide just the translation if that is what our client prefers. We flex according to what our client needs and always provide a linguist with the right language and technical expertise.  Learn more about our technical translation services.
  • Financial – Whether it has to do with disclosures, financial forms, retirement plans or international financial statements, our linguists specialize in financial terminology and understand the meaning behind the communications. Linguists unfamiliar with financial terms and concepts can create serious legal and monetary problems for a company. Our clients depend on our experience and advice to communicate clearly and move business forward.  Learn more about our financial translation services.
  • Non Profits – Organizations in the non-profit sector depend on clear communications to all stakeholders (donors, beneficiaries, employees) and they depend on cost effective providers of these services. By taking advantage of our free project consulting services, our non-profit clients are able to communicate across many different languages. Contact us for a free consultation so we can figure out the best way for your organization to move forward.  Learn more about our non profit translation services.
  • Governmental Agencies – Clear communication is a must for all government agencies. Incorrect or unclear communications lead to confusion, liability, and bad public relations. Our careful attention to detail keeps clear communication channels open to the public. In addition, our woman-owned small-business status helps agencies reach contracting goals. We may win projects based on our status, but we keep clients with our dedication to service and quality.  Learn more about our government translation services.

In addition to working in these industries, Rapport International is experienced in advising the following on special language needs and language translation services:

  • Exporters – Entering global markets and handling the new cultures and languages can be overwhelming for expanding exporters. Questions such as: Should we localize or globalize? How can we streamline our web site translation and manage updates? What materials do we really need to translate? We have the answers to these types of questions and can maintain connections with exporters and resources globally.
  • Global companies – In addition to marketing and exporting materials, global companies have needs including employee communications, intranets, newsletters, and employment contracts. We set up processes and systems to match the company’s needs to facilitate these additional communications. We make it simple to communicate globally by working within your already established infrastructure.
  • New Americans – Non-English speakers in the United States are first generation immigrants who bring potential to the United States. Most are educated and experienced who move to the U.S. to improve living conditions. By law, certain organizations such as schools, hospitals and some government agencies have to provide in-language communications. This helps avoid costly misunderstandings in delicate situations. But, even U.S. companies understand the importance of speaking the language of the customer. Smart marketing companies see their revenues increase as they increase marketing across different cultures and languages. We understand and can advise on the complexities of multilingual marketing in the U.S. versus global multilingual marketing.

We deliver all your materials – high quality translation and interpretation – in the place, language, format, medium, foreign fonts and layout that you want it. That’s what Rapport International is about.

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