Legal Interpretation Services

Court and Legal Interpreters

Rapport International understands the importance of interpretation for depositions and legal intake within the complex American legal system. Rapport International can provide:

  • Legal interpreters
  • Court interpreters
  • Deposition interpreters
  • Accident intakes
  • Insurance interviews
  • Settlement meetings

Having the Right Interpreter

You want to trust and depend on your interpreter when you are in an important situation.  Rapport International knows how important it is to have a court experienced interpreter to handle all legal, deposition, and court interpreting situations. Our interpreters are experienced and knowledgeable about the courts and know how to handle themselves in that situation. Rapport interpreters understand the American legal system. Our court interpreters know how to interpret exactly what is said so as not to influence the case.

Interpreters in court need to translate exactly and strictly what is said in every communication. Court interpreters cannot leave out any details nor can they embellish or add details. When something is not clear, they know to ask for clarification.  Within the American legal system, the rules for court interpretation are spelled out and our legal interpreters follow them to the letter.

Court Environment

When you need an interpreter, you want someone you can count on. Rapport International interpreters know how to remain calm and not be intimidated by the stressful and sometimes explosive nature of a deposition or trial. Our interpreters know how to remain professional during heated exchanges and in tense situations. Rapport interpreters know not to take an active center stage approach but instead stay invisible and in the background.


Working with a new interpreter in every step of the process can add a challenge.  We understand the importance of consistency throughout the legal process from depositions to trial and try to maintain the same interpreter throughout the process.  Our interpreters are reliable, flexible, and accessible.  We work with you to make sure you have the right interpreter for every job and make sure that same person is available for all your needs.  If for any reason you have a conflict of interest of just want to change interpreters, let us know and we can easily do that for you. Our goal is to assist you by taking complications out of your process.

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