Legal Translation Services

Rapport International is a full-service translation and interpretation company specializing in the Legal Industry. Work with a Boston-based company who understands legal translation services. We have a long list of legal translation clients including law offices, patent attorneys, courthouses and investigative agencies. Our experience includes:

  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • IP research documents
  • Interrogation interviews
  • Investigation interviews
  • Depositions

Expertise and accuracy are imperative when using legal translation services so we match highly qualified language professionals with advanced degrees in the specific subject of the legal project for the best possible translation.

Our legal translators understand the U.S. Legal system and the legal systems in their native countries.  We’ve worked for investigators, courthouses, government agencies and law firms.  Untrained translators do not know legal vocabulary and their lack of knowledge can create serious problems.  We make sure you are covered – we carry liability insurance and have never had to access this insurance.

Legal Translations

If your legal translation is for general public communications, Rapport International translators keep the wording in the register (reading level) that your audience can understand and will make sure that all concepts and details are clear to the reader.  Highly technical legal materials need to be written in a certain style or “voice” for the audience receiving the documents. This same “voice” needs to be carried throughout all documents. With our linguists’ knowledge of the legal system and the specific topic, they are able to keep the required “voice”. Legal documents are complicated and specific.  No matter the use, our legal translation will meet the requirements of the specific situation.

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Avoid Liability

With legal document translation, we understand the importance of correct terminology and confidentiality. Rapport International works with contracts, agreements, letters, and depositions to make sure the correct terminology is included. We specialize in disclaimer translation, disclosure translation, and deposition translation. Our translators understand legal terminology and make sure your documents are translated correctly – the first time and every time.

Patent Translation

Our linguists also know how to capture the most appropriate meaning.  In patent translation sometimes terms and processes are new and don’t have exact translations.  Our translators know how to handle this by communicating with the client, researching the internet for possible usage, leaving it in the source language, using a descriptive translation or inventing a new name.   If the legal systems between the countries vary, our legal translator knows how to bridge the gap and will explain the difference to the client.  Legalese is all about clarification and that is what the Rapport International translators do for you.

On-Time and On Budget to Meet your Plan

Rapport International understands the need for fast turn-around times and works with you to complete each project within your time frame.  When you need a client interview, a deposition translator, or interrogation translated immediately, we get it done.  When you are on a patent filing deadline, we get it done.  If you have a court trial and need the court translation – we get it done.  We understand the importance of the information and will make sure it is timely and correct the first time around.

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