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Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Translation – Life Sciences Translation Services

In today’s global marketplace, it is critical for pharmaceutical and bio-medical companies to provide complete and accurate documentation in multiple languages – for a wide range of materials including product development, testing, product usage, sales and marketing and regulatory submissions.

Rapport International is a full-service translation and interpretation company specializing in the pharmaceutical and bio-medical industries.  

Here is a short list of what our translation experts can provide:

Rapport International has proven life sciences and medical industry experience with international business and regulatory standards such as:

  • FDA regulatory programs
  • European Union Directives
  • Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (PAL)
  • ISO quality and risk management standards

Partnering with a proven life sciences translation provider is vital to success.  Rapport International provides the highest quality translations to all clients.  For repeat customers, we utilize SDL Trados on projects that are frequently updated or contain repetitive text.

Medical Device

Operating on a global scale, a Medical Device Company has to provide translated materials to various linguistic markets. Whether you are focusing on patient information leaflets (IFUs/DFUs), regulatory submissions, or packaging labels — if the information in these documents is not translated with absolute accuracy, irrevocable consequences can occur. At Rapport, translations are done by professionals, not software, for the highest level of accuracy.

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