Localization and Globalization Services

Often, you hear the words globalization and localization and many of our clients do not understand the meaning of these terms. Clients will ask us if they need multiple Spanish translations if they are translating for a number of Spanish speaking countries. Rapport International helps you navigate the meanings and practical uses for your translations.


Globalization is using one language to convey a message in all parts of the world that speak that language. For example, we can use English to cover the U.S., U.K., Canada and the Caribbean. Another example is Spanish to cover Mexico, Cuba, Argentina and Spain or when speaking to a mix of people such as a varied U.S. Spanish speaking population. The idea is to make a product or service appropriate for different national audiences.

Specific Uses

Globalization is acceptable for technical manuals, diagrams, scientific information and some websites. Globalization is used in markets where the audience can accept style differences as long as they understand the material. This is true for the Spanish speaking population in the U.S. The audience can be from various countries but as long as they see that the translation is in Spanish, they are willing to accept it and use it as a working tool even if it is not locale specific.



Localization is adapting your product or service to a specific geography or community.  When you localize your message you personalize it for pictures, cultural references, slang, currency, time zones, laws, national holidays, etc. The goal is to make the product or service appear that it is “speaking” directly to the reader.

Specific Uses

Localization is important for consumer products, online ordering, medical or insurance policy information and other targeted communications where you really want to connect with the consumer.  It is also imperative when dealing with software that needs to be tailored to each country.

Software Localization is adapting internationalized software for a specific language by adding locale-specific components, translating text, and making technical adaptations.  By localizing your software, you are able to increase the markets in which it is utilized.  Our services include translation of a product’s interface as well as guidelines on how to overcome cultural barriers and reach a larger target audience.


Considerations and Consultations

All of our consultation services are free. We provide you with the necessary information so you can make informed decisions at every stage of the process. Deciding when to localize your products and materials is an important decision and Rapport International is here to assist you. We are able to devise a complimentary step-by-step plan that will walk you through the decision of globalization versus localization. We understand all the considerations including costs, goals, timelines and strategies. You make the best decision possible and we can help. We can also assist you on personalizing the products and services as well as provide advice on appropriateness of material.

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