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Crossing Borders with Global Marketing

Globalization is cross-border economic, social, and technological exchange under conditions of capitalism (as defined by Localization is the process of adapting the language, cultural, and technical content into readily acceptable usage for distinct markets. Marketing can be global or local depending on the product or service that a company is promoting.

Rapport International works with you to determine whether a global or localized marketing campaign would work better and then we translate the necessary materials appropriately for a successful campaign.

Adapt Your Communications so Your Target Audience Accepts Them

According to Localization Industry Standards Association “programs often have to be changed to conform to national and cultural norms. In multimedia applications the color, size, and shape of objects such as coins and notes, taxis, telephones and mailboxes, and buses and ambulances, traditionally vary from country to country. Vehicles may suddenly have to drive on the other side of the road, while dress codes will vary, and symbols take on a new significance. Similarly, mainstream business applications such as address databases and financial accounting packages have to be adapted to the procedures and conventions applicable in their new environments.”

Rapport International makes sure that the translators on your project understand the particular localization needs so the culture in which you plan to use the materials actually accepts them. If questions arise, we bring the issues to you to discuss rather than make guesses about what you want. We also serve as advisors on cultural questions to make sure you are communicating in a culturally-sensitive manner.

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