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Marketing professionals know the importance of consistent messaging that speaks to prospective customers and builds loyalty with current customers.  You spend time doing market research, creating messaging, and developing product names, company slogans, visuals, and packaging to resonate with your target customers. When taking your product to an international audience, you want the same amount of care in branding and messaging, so that the new audience has the same experience and impression of your goods and services.

Stories about blundered marketing due to not doing the research, or getting a bad translation, are all over the internet. Read just a few examples in our blog Translations Gone Bad – Research Before Exporting. Then take a minute to read about how Rapport International advised  Staples, The First Years and a local hospital on how to avoid ending up as more “funny” internet tales in the blog Don’t be a Pinto – Market-Testing Brand Names and Taglines is a MUST DO When Exporting.

If you shop for translation services based strictly on price, you won’t get customized attention, and may become a story. With Rapport International as your international marketing partner, as opposed to a low-cost language services vendor, you get an experienced partner that knows the power of words and has the expertise to make sure your products or services resonate with your target audience.

Rapport International specializes in marketing and multilingual communications, so when you work with us, you can be sure your content has the same message, meaning, emotion and energy that you created for your audience.  In addition, you can be confident that your materials are culturally adapted to fit the target audience.  If the message or look and feel don’t work, we let you know before the launch.

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Product Translation is About More Than Words

To really succeed in international markets, you need more than a language service agency who will just translate your words, you need a marketing partner and multilingual specialist who pays detailed attention to the differences between your products and those of competitors.  A partner who knows that branding translation is about more than words, it needs to capture the meaning and messaging, and then make sure it applies to the target culture. You don’t want to have the same experience as Mercedes Benz, like you read about in our blog. If they had partnered with Rapport International, they would never have released a car in China with a name like “Bensi” that translated as “rush to die.”  Rapport International linguists catch mistakes like this before they occur, communicate any potential problems to the client, and offer consultation and testing services to create a better alternative.

Brand Name Testing Before Launch

Before a product release in a new market, the team must develop a brand translation and convey the “brand promise”.  Our branding translations include testing names in the manner you want: from a cursory test to full blown market research. This research prevents the mishaps that embarrass companies or cause a product to fail.

Target Your Audience by Language and Culture

Marketing material translations need a certain style, or “voice”.  This same “voice” needs to be carried throughout all the marketing materials including the brochure translation, catalog translation and website translation.  Our language specialists understand the importance of “voice” and convey a consistent message to all consumers, across any language and culture.

Correct Terminology Counts

We also understand the importance of correct terminology in marketing material translation. As you read in our blog, The First Years had a product called “Take and Toss” for inexpensive plastic containers.  The idea was that the user could choose to reuse or dispose of the container after use.  This message worked great in the U.S. After launch in Europe, sales flatlined.  The company realized that the name didn’t work – consumers wanted to know which it was – reusable or not.  The concept just didn’t sell there.  As a result, The First Years asked us to test the name “Säva” for appropriateness in all European languages.  Once the new name tested fine, the product launched successfully across Europe.

Another company tried to save money on their catalog translation for an exhibit show. Unfortunately, the sales team couldn’t sell at the exhibit because the catalog names didn’t match the names of the actual products. Rapport International maintains the quality and consistency in all marketing translations to avoid this type of confusion for consumers and the marketers.

If the Consumer Doesn’t Understand, You Don’t Sell

All consumer communication touch points, from the website, to packaging, to user manuals and instruction guides, are important and require equal attention. Rapport International focuses on each touch-point equally and provides a consistent, culturally appropriate voice on all customer materials. With this dedication and attention to detail, your consumers “get” the message and are more likely to act.

Timelines Count in Marketing

When you have a tight timeline, we understand the need for fast turn-around times and work with you to complete each project within your time frame. When you need brochure or catalog translations done on a tight time schedule, we meet the deadline. When you need a recall translation done immediately, we prioritize it. We understand the importance of the material and will make sure it is timely and correct the first time around.

Guaranteed Quality

With an industry leading 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a record of 100% on time delivery, Rapport International is a favorite vendor partner for many clients.  We work until the job is done right.  This is why our liability insurance policy has never been accessed, because we provide accurate, consistent, culturally appropriate translations every time.


You have a multitude marketing materials – both for consumer and industrial markets – that may require translation. We have experience with all these types of materials, and more.

Our experience includes:

  • Packaging Translation
  • Manual Translation
  • Product Translation
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Recall Information
  • Marketing Materials
  • User Manuals
  • Branding
  • Press Releases
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Proposals
  • Presentations
  • Websites

Rapport International has provided marketing consultation services and high-quality translations to a long list of clients, including – Staples, TOMY, Juice Plus, Duck Tours, Hill Holiday, Rockport, Samsonite, and more.

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