Quality Translation Services

In order to provide quality translation services that are accurate, clear, and culturally/politically sensitive to the target audience, Rapport International appoints translators with the appropriate training, education, and experience.  We also hire native linguists from the country of the target language.

Your satisfaction depends on our business reputation of providing quality translation.  Your project management services include quality assurance procedures that our long-term clients attest to.  We started in 1987 and still work with many original clients because they trust our translation and appreciate our attentive customer service.

Quality Assurance Process

  • Initial translation and cultural adaptation done by a qualified native speaker.
  • Editing performed by a second native speaker with equal credentials.
  • Review by your overseas office or distributor for end-user acceptability.
  • Multiple proofs of final output.
  • Produce and maintain custom glossaries for consistency of usage over time.


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