RapAlert and Transweblation

“Content is King!”  Agencies worldwide stress this and marketers keep writing and posting copy to their websites.  They struggle with writing enough, keeping version control, managing the process of uploading on a timely basis, etc.  Then they must consider all these same issues for every language they translate their website into. More and more, there is a need for a simplified website translation and posting process, what we here at Rapport International call transweblationTM.

  • Transweblation (n) – the website translation and posting process
  • Transweblate (v) – the process of translating and posting content on a website

RapAlert = Transweblation

RapAlert, offered by Rapport International, is our automated notification service that simplifies the process of transweblation.  Transweblation is a term coined by Rapport International to describe the process of translating ever-changing web content for our clients in a streamlined and timely process.

The Process

As with everything that feels difficult, once you break it down into a process, it becomes easier to manage. Currently, most companies must complete a complicated multi-step process for translating their changing web content into all the languages they need.  This system is manually driven and often takes weeks to implement because there are multiple internal and external people involved, and the steps can be cumbersome and fraught with errors.

Now there is a simpler way – transweblation. With RapAlert, when you change or add web content you can be confident that Rapport International is on the job. We take multiple steps off your plate and only contact you for questions or clarification, and to alert you when your translation job is complete.


Transweblation also allows you to use your copy across multiple platforms – websites, white papers, SEO, blogs, social media, etc. – because when we translate your copy, we keep a “translation memory”. This allows us to use the information in your translation memory when you want to later create social media posts or other documents that reuse the copy from your website.  We leverage the memory to keep consistency of voice and save you costs.

RapAlert, and the simplified process of transweblation, consolidates and simplifies these steps to improve the quality of your translations and take your transweblation headaches away. If you think the simplified process of transweblation could help your company, contact us to hear more and to receive a free consultation.