School & Educational Translation

Rapport International understands the unique makeup of the educational system and can work with you to provide high quality school translation and interpretation at the most competitive price.

We are a certified woman-owned, small business company who can fulfill your small business vendor requirements.

We handle all document and educational form translations including:

  • School Notices
  • Student Evaluation Interpreting
  • School Handbooks
  • School Policy Guides
  • Curriculum Guides
  • Parent Notifications
  • IEP Documents (Individual Educational Plan)
  • Parent / Teacher Communications
  • Parent  / Teacher Conference Interpreting
  • Report Cards
  • Progress Reports
  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas

Educational Communications

We know that educational communications are designed for the average family and Rapport International translators write specifically to this audience. All the information needs to be clear and easily understandable. School translations need to be written with care and compassion but also with a certain degree of authority.

Our linguists have worked with children and know how to be sensitive to the material while at the same time respecting the quality of the communication. Rapport linguists are trained to understand that the material is sensitive and needs to be handled with restraint. We respect the confidentiality of all documents, forms, communications, and conferences.

Work within Your School District

Rapport understands that each school district has its own cultural nuances. Every educational system is different and follows a unique set of rules and standards. We can work within your process to provide the highest quality school translation and interpretation services available.

Rapport International provides a document management service where we can save the educational translations from year to year. This way only the new information (such as the current school year, new policies, or new teacher) needs to be translated.  The parts of the forms and documents that do not change from year to year do not need to be re-translated therefore saving you time and money.

Budget / Pricing  / Turn Around Timing

Rapport International knows that schools have strict budget concerns and guidelines. We can honor these guidelines and work within your school budget to provide the highest quality translation at the lowest competitive price.

Rapport International provides fast turn around times to meet all your communication requirements. We realize that school communications need to be timely and current. We are always accessible to meet your needs, budget, pricing, and deadlines.

For more information on our school & educational translation services please contact us.



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