Software Translation

We handle all software translation including:

  • User interface
  • Software localization
  • Globalization
  • Technical specifications
  • Software updates
  • Programming updates

Technically Adept

Rapport International understands the intricate nature of software translation.  We use highly trained programming experts to handle all your software needs. Our linguists are technically adept at handling the complexity of software documents and translations. Along with being efficient and experienced, we can also provide suggestions on the best way to handle your software translations.

Proprietary Software

Rapport International is able to work with you depending on your needs. As a client, you can provide us with a word document or if you prefer, we can work directly in your proprietary software. Some clients provide a specific password so that our linguists can work directly within the software system to provide translation services. We understand how important it is to maintain the consistency of the programming. Our linguists are detail-oriented and exacting in their translations. For each project, we can provide on-line proofs or word documents so you can load it into your program.

Quality Assurance

We have extensive systems and processes in place to make sure that all the translations are complete and accurate. We also have a quality assurance process that is applied to every project.

Software Localization

Rapport International can localize your software so it is appropriate for each target market. Our linguists understand the need to be clear and concise in the appropriate language. We use specially trained linguists, who along with being trained in multiple languages are also technical experts. This dual education provides our linguists with a superior edge over other software translators.


All of our translations are kept completely confidential. We understand your information is sensitive and needs to be kept private. We maintain a strict confidentiality agreement with all of our linguists and employees.

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