Cost and Turnaround

Translation Costs

How are translation costs determined? Copy, pictures, diagrams, technical text, languages, layout, and document construction all play a role in translation cost analysis. For example, a PowerPoint presentation may look complex, but if it was built with the text separate from the graphics, it’s easy for the translator to change the language. If the text and graphics are inserted as an image, then the text is difficult to access without the design program, adding a level of complexity to the project. This is why setting a translation cost per page or translation cost per word doesn’t always reflect actual translation costs.

At Rapport International, a minimum fee of $95 is charged for translation projects. Pricing on something like a manual with diagrams would involve the number of pages, words, images and turnaround time. Pricing also considers the translated word count, which can be different from the original language. For example, the word “bathroom” in English becomes three words in Spanish: “cuarto de baño.”

Translation pricing for recurring projects. With ongoing projects like monthly newsletters or projected product release packaging, we work with clients to develop an average price per project, so translation costs and timing can be anticipated.

Translation costs for character languages. These languages typically cost more than other languages. Character languages include those such as Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Russian.

Translation cost savings. Longer lead times, larger projects, and long-term commitments with our company give you translation cost savings.

Translation rush fees. Rush projects always have higher fees.

Accurate translation cost quotes. Some competitors quote low to win jobs. With our quotes, you avoid translation cost surprises at project completion and don’t have to worry about going over budget.

Benefits of translation corporate account. For corporate accounts, we invoice upon completion of the project and request that you pay in a timely manner. This helps maintain our long-term relationship. You trust us and we trust you. Talk to us about becoming a corporate account. It’s easy!

The cost of translation projects is rarely as simple as the translation cost per page or the translation cost per word. If a translation agency advertises that way, you’ll most likely discover additional charges added to the estimate. At Rapport International, our goal is to provide top-quality services, deliver on time without going over budget, and develop a relationship with clients.


Translation Turnaround Time

Your deadline is our goal. Longer lead times allow for lower costs, giving us the flexibility to work around schedules. If you need same-day turnaround, we’ll get it done for you, but there is a rush fee.

Quality translation services. Allowing for enough translation time is one way you can help guarantee quality.

How long does translation take? As a rule, allow the same amount of time for translation as writing a document:

  • For a short project, allow 2-3 days.  This gives us time to clarify questions, assign a translator, and complete the work.
  • For longer projects, allow 1 day for every 1,000 words that need translation plus a couple of days for project management. Many translators work faster but this is a good estimate.
  • If an editor is to review a project, allow 1 day for each 4,000 words. Again, this is a guideline.

Calculating translation days. Count only business days and not weekends when estimating translation days. It is best to build in a little extra time to keep the project on schedule.

Questions? If you have any questions, please ask. It is our pleasure to help you determine the best way to handle your cross-lingual communications.

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