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The State Department has estimated that US firms lose $50 billion in potential sales annually because of a lack of foreign language translation. Some companies that didn’t export as recently as ten years ago now derive 40% of their revenues from international sales by offering their products and services in the language spoken by their customers. Capure these revenues by having Rapport International translate your key business materials to the foreign languages you need to successfully conduct business globally. Areas that benefit from professional translation services include:

  • Legal documents – translate patents, legal documents, court filings, discovery documents and other communications in the foreign language of your clients.
  • Medical materials – offer patient instructions, pamphlets, policies and procedures in several languages to ensure patient safety.
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical & medical device – ensure that your patient enrollments, research criteria, package inserts, patient instructions, brochures and regulatory documents are available for worldwide consumption.
  • Financial – attract new investors by providing financial reports, investor relations, product information, annual reports and prospectuses in multiple foreign languages.
  • Marketing – promote your products and services worldwide by having your collateral, research, taglines, packaging, web design, proposals, public relations professionally translated to ensure what you mean is what is communicated.
  • Technical – ready your products for global consumption by translating product information, software manuals, operating manuals and interactive computer training in the languages of the end users.
  • Internal documents – ensure all your employees fully understand your policies and procedures, training materials, employee handbooks, company announcements and other human resource documents with quality language translation into the languages spoken in all of your offices and locations.

Along with extensive foreign language translation experience, our translators have advanced degrees and training in the appropriate commercial, industrial or technical fields.

Our translation services include:

  • Website Translation – Allowing your customers to do business in the language they prefer – their own language.
  • Multimedia Localization – Converting audio and visual materials to local languages that your audience can understand.
  • Marketing Globalization – Modifying products and services for cultural, content and technical issues to account for differences in distinct markets.
  • Desktop Publishing – Creating your materials with your graphic files consistently across all languages, whatever the application.

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