Video Remote Interpreting Services (VRI)

Live Streaming Interpreters for Spoken Interpretation and American Sign Language

Video Remote Interpreting, or VRI, is an online interpreting service offered by Rapport International. VRI uses devices such as a webcam on a computer, or a camera on a tablet or cell phone, to provide live-streaming, face-to-face services for both spoken interpretation as well as American Sign Language (ASL).

Rapport International’s VRI service is easy to set-up and use. It provides high-quality video connections to trained, certified interpreters. When an in-person interpreter is not available, or is not appropriate, VRI is the next best option. As opposed to a telephone interpreter, a VRI interpreter can see the parties involved in the conversation, they can observe facial expressions and read non-verbal cues and gestures to improve communication.

VRI is most useful for communicating with a client or patient who is deaf/hard-of-hearing, when meeting with a client or patient off-site where it would not be convenient or possible to bring an in-person interpreter, in outpatient situations, when your client or patient requests VRI, or for unexpected or immediate needs.

Best of all, with VRI services from Rapport International you only pay when you use the service. There is no monthly charge for an account, simply pay a per-minute charge for use.


Features of Our VRI Services

  • Trained and Certified Professional Interpreters
  • Spoken Interpretation
  • American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation
  • Confidential and Secure Connection—HIPAA Compliant
  • Interpreter Can See and Read Non-Verbal/Visual Cues
  • Connect Quickly to an Interpreter
  • Simple to Set-Up – Just 5 Easy Steps to Get Started
  • Mobile App Available for iOS and Android
  • High-Resolution Video and Audio Quality
  • Easy to Learn and Use

Contact Rapport International today to set up your free VRI account and start using the services right away.